For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

Utral Thin Wall Seamless Tube, 316 Thin Wall Tubing, Super Thin Wall Tubes
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Ultra Thin Wall Seamless Tube

  • Overview

    Thin wall & ultra thin wall seamless tube refer to the ratio of wall thickness and outer diameter less than 6% seamless tube. They are generally formed by intermediate annealing and multi-pass cold rolling of two or three high mills. Small outer diameter can be obtained by reducing the wall drawing process. According to customer's special surface requirements, the tubes can be polished by different processes.

    Our company's precision thin wall seamless tube and ultra thin wall seamless tube mainly has the following characteristics:
    1. High dimensional accuracy, free cutting.
    2. OD tolerance can reach±0.05mm
    3. WT tolerance can reach ±0.01mm
    4. Smooth surface, precision cold rolling internal and external surface roughness can reach Ra0.4μm.
    5. Smooth surface, after different polishing process, the internal roughness can reach Ra0.1μm.
    6. The tube wall is thin and uniform with good concentricity.
    7. Out of roundness: within 0.3mm for OD6~25mm, within 0.5mm for OD26~57mm, within 1.0mm for OD58~105mm.
    8. Stable performance, excellent corrosion resistance, pressure resistance, durable strength and plasticity.

  • Material

    1. Stainless steel

    TP304 (S30400)
    TP304L (S30403)
    TP316 (S31600)
    TP316L (S31603)
    TP321 (S32100)


    OD:6.0~80.0 mm
    WT:0.04~6.0 mm
    Length:3.0~8.0 m

    GB/T 3089
    GB/T 3090
    GB/T 3639
    GB/T 13296
    GB/T 14975
    GB/T 14976
    ASTM A269
    ASTM A213
    ASTM A270
    EN 10216-5
    EN 10305-1

    2. Titanium

    Gr.1 (R50250, TA1)
    Gr.2 (R50400, TA2)
    Gr.3 (R50550, TA3)
    Gr.4 (R50700)

    OD:6.0~80.0 mm
    WT:0.04~5.0 mm
    Length:3.0~8.0 m

    ASTM B338
    ASTM B861
    ASTM F67
    DIN 17861
    JIS H4637
    GB/T 3624
    GB/T 3625
    GB/T 26058
    GJB 3423A

    3. Nickel alloys

    N07718 (GH4169)
    N10276 (NS334)
    N08800 / N08810 / N08811
    N02200 / N02201

    OD:6.0~80.0 mm
    WT:0.04~5.0 mm
    Length:3.0~8.0 m

    SAE AMS 5589
    SAE AMS 5590
    ASTM B983
    ASTM B622
    ASTM B163
    ASTM A213
    DIN 17751
    ISO 6207

  • Condition


    Polished (Mechanical, chemical,EP, ultra-sonic, fluid, Magnetic abrasive)

  • Packing

    Because thin-walled and extremely thin-walled tubes are easy to deform under the action of external forces, they are generally packaged with plastic covers to avoid scratches between tubes, and then packed in wooden cases to protect the tubes from being squeezed and deformed during the whole transportation process.

  • Application

    Suitable for precision seamless steel pipe with special dimensional accurancy and high surface quality, such as precision mechanical structure, hydraulic equipment and parts manufacturing.

    It is widely used in medical, food, aviation, aerospace, electric power, chemical, electronics, electrical, optical, textile, shipbuilding, automobile and other industries.

    Specific applications include semiconductor, sensor housing, level gauge, auto parts, instrumentation, pneumatic components, corrugated metal hose, printer, copier, oil tube, gas tube, water tube and so on.

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