For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

Precision Seamless Tube, Stainless Seamless Precision Tube, Precision Steel Tube
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Precision Seamless Tube

  • Overview

    Small caliber precision seamless tube is a kind of seamless tube made by cold rolling, cold drawing or cold drawing + cold rolling joint process of high precision, its manufacturing process is a journey according to a series of different size requirements to start with seamless extrusion, after many times of diameter reduction and wall reduction, until the precise specifications to meet customer requirements.

    After each reduction of OD process, the tube is cut, cleaned and heat treated before the next reduction process begins. In the combined process of cold drawing and cold rolling, the wall thickness is controlled by cold rolling, and the outer diameter is controlled by cold drawing, so that the production requirements of a wide range of materials and various small specifications of seamless tubes can be met. The combined process has many advantages, such as good quality of finished product, high precision of wall thickness and outer diameter, good surface quality, short processing cycle, reduced heat treatment process, energy saving, high utilization rate of tube billet, simplified specifications and so on.

    Because the small caliber precision seamless pipe has the advantages of no oxide layer inside and outside the wall, no leakage under high pressure, high precision, high finish, no deformation in cold bending, no cracks in flaring and flattening, so it is widely used, such as instrument sleeve connection, automobile high and low pressure fuel distributor and air conditioning filter, high-speed locomotive, heat exchanger, electronics, aviation, aerospace, navigation, oil and gas, petrochemical, precision machinery and other industries. Especially when it has high requirments on various material performance under harsh application conditions such as high temperature, strong corrosion etc, and when it has strict requirements on tube shape and dimensional accuracy and surface roughness and cleanliness and so on,  small caliber precision seamless tubes are usually used, which are made of stainless steel, corrosion resistant alloy, high temperature alloy, precision alloy, electric heating alloy, functional metal materials and other special metals. This has put forward strict requirements and challenges for production equipment, process control, quality testing, performance testing and other aspects.
  • Standard

    GB/T 13296

    GB/T 14975 / 14976
    GB/T 3089 / 3090
    GB 4234.1
    ASTM A268 / A269
    ASTM A213 / 312 / 789
    ASTM F138 / F139
    ASTM F1586
    ISO 5832-1
    JIS G3459 / G3463
    EN 10216-5

    Austensitic SS
    TP201 / TP202
    TP304 / TP304L / TP304H
    TP310S / TP310H
    TP316 / TP316L / TP316Ti
    TP321 / TP321H
    TP347 / TP347H
    UNS N08020 / N08028
    UNS N08800
    UNS N08810 / N08811
    UNS N08904

    DSS & SDSS
    UNS S31803
    UNS S32205
    UNS S32750
    UNS S32760
    UNS S32950

    Ferritic SS

    Martensitic SS
    0Cr13 / TP409
    1Cr13 / TP410
    2Cr13 / 20Cr13
    3Cr13 / 30Cr13
    4Cr13 / 40Cr13
    S44400 / SUS444TP

    S44600 / TP446-1

    Martensite precipitates harden stainless steel
    17-4PH / S17400 / 630

    Semi-austenite precipitates harden stainless steel
    17-7PH / S17700 / 631
    PH15-7Mo / S15700 / 632

    Surgical implant stainless steel
    UNS S31673
    UNS S31675

    Titanium and Titanium alloys
    Gr.5 / TC4 / Ti6Al4V
    Gr.9 / Ti3Al2.5V
    ASTM B338
    ASTM B861

    Nickel and Nickel alloys
    UNS N02200 / N02201
    UNS N04400
    UNS N06600 / N06601
    UNS N06690
    UNS N07718
    UNS N08825 / N08031
    UNS N09925
    UNS N10276

    Precision alloys
    1J30 / 1J34 / 1J65 / 1J76
    3J21 / 3J53
    4J29 / Kovar / ASTM F15
    4J32 / Invar 32-5
    4J36 / Invar 36
    4J42 / Invar 42

    Refractory metal
    Elemental metal

    Functional alloys
    NbTi alloy
    NbZr alloy

  • Size

    OD: 6 ~ 80 mm

    WT: 0.50 ~ 8.0 mm
    L: ≤ 28 Mtrs

    Coil L: ≤ 500 Mtrs

    1 Hard / half hard
    2 BA
    3 EP
    4 Honing polished
    5 Fluid polished

    OD tolerance: best ± 0.01mm
    WT tolerance: best ±0.01mm
    Roughness: best Ra0.10um

  • Process

  • Quality Inspection

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