For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

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Precision Conical Seamless Tube

  • Overview

    At present, most of the conical tubes on the market are welded tube, heat expansion tube or extruded tube.

    Welded conical tube is made by CNC precision cutting and cold pressing of metal sheet.

    Seamless conical steel pipe is a conical hollow round pipe with different diameters at both ends made of seamless steel pipe as raw material.

    In many applications, if the conical tube made by the above method does not meet the technical quality requirements of the application, it is generally made by machining solid round rod. However, this method wastes a lot of raw materials, has a very low yield, complex and long process, high labor cost, the shape and size of finished products are greatly limited, and the performance is often difficult to reach the ideal level.

    Our company is the leading manufacturer of seamless conical tube in China, with  independently developed special production equipment for seamless conical tube.

    The seamless conical tubes produced by our company belongs to the first one in China, which is made of round rod as raw material through the original intelligent multi-mode rotary rolling technology and the new technology of curvature plane dispersion and concentration (national key scientific research project, industry initiative). Our seamless conical tube has many advantages, such as consistent straight taper from the top to the end of the conical tube, uniform wall thickness, good roundness, high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality, excellent performance and good application effect. After more than 20 years of R&D, through the cooperation with many technical colleges and research institutions, now we have more than 20 national patents, and we have solved many technological problems, material problems and application problems, so we have won many praise from the industry, academia, customers and government.

  • Material

    Carbon steel

    SAE 1010, 1020, 1045, S355J2

    Alloy steel
    SAE 4130, 4140, 8620, 4340

    Alloy tool steel
    Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V,
    SKD61, SKD11

    Stainless steel
    304(L), 316(L), 321,
    1RK91, IN-129, IN-129S

    Gr.1 (R50250, TA1)
    Gr.2 (R50400, TA2)
    Gr.3 (R50550, TA3)
    Gr.4 (R50700, TA4)
    Gr.5 (TC4)

    Ni200 (N02200, N6)
    Ni201 (N02201, N5)

    Nickel alloys
    N08800 / N08810 / N08811

  • Size

    Bigger end: OD3.0 - 426.0mm
    Smaller end: OD2.5 - 346.0mm
    WT: 0.25 - 40.0mm
    Length: 100 - 28000mm
  • Characteristics

    1. The most scientific piping

    High technology content, unique equipment, original technology, decoded many unsolved technologic codes which exist in the metal pipe industry for a long time. Seamless conical tube was invented from the idea of human meridians, considered by experts to be the most scientific tubing in the world. It analyzes the characteristics of turbulent flow and laminar flow from fluid theory, so as to solve the problem of fluid pipeline transportation, which can be applied to pipeline transportation under complex conditions. Seamless conical tube can also be used for conveying objects under extrusion in structural scenarios, through cone extrusion conveying, the product quality is improved, the efficiency is improved, and the production cost is reduced.

    2. The safest piping

    Seamless cone pipe based on the principle of fluid mechanics, it uses the physical method to solve the problem that traditional pressure pipe and fluid pipe are easy to crack, greatly improve the safety factor of the pipeline system, known as the safest piping.

    3. Hard core techonogies
    We can design conical pipe for structure and fluid, design the length of fluid pipe comprehensively, and calculate the safety and overall performance of conical tubes.

    4. Excellent quality
    Through the unique process of strengthening formed by Internal and external compressive stress, dislocation arrangement is formed on the basis of the original metallographic structure of metal materials, and slip bands appeared on the outer surface, inner surface and central area of the conical tube, especially on the outer surface. In this way, the carbon molecules of the material are nano-sized, so that the surface grain of the product is finer, the roughness is lower, the hardness value is higher, the corrosion ability is stronger, the mechanical properties are higher, and the service life is longer.

    5. Energy saving and environmental protection
    Compared with the traditional manufacturing process, the transformation of the process can save more than 80% of raw materials, greatly improve the rate of finished product, and can make corresponding contributions to the national and global carbon peak and carbon neutrality goals.

    6. High efficiency
    Greatly reduce labor cost, production efficiency can be increased 200 times.
  • Application

    Seamless conical tube technology is based on the principle of changing fluid mechanics in a physical way. Compared with seamless straight pipe, seamless conical tube has unique and great advantages in long-distance pipeline transportation applications. For example, the same caliber and the same length of seamless pipe, the range of water column transported by conical tube is 3 times that of straight pipe.

    For a long time, because of the difficulty of production technology, the mass production and quality of seamless conical tube has become an insurmountable obstacle, so it can not be widely used. However, in fact, seamless conical tubes have a very wide range of application prospects, such as petrochemical, medical, fire fighting, electric power, electrical equipment, shipbuilding, building instruments, aerospace, military, intelligent logistics network, automobile and other fields require a large number of seamless conical tubes of different metal materials.

  • Competitiveness

    1. Break the process bottleneck, can quickly and efficiently produce all kinds of specifications of ultra-long seamless conical tubes.

    2. Break the material limit, professional customization of a variety of metal materials seamless conical tube, with the ability to research and upgrade new materials.
    3. Break the size limit, professional customization of various sizes, the smallest outside diameter of 3.0mm, the largest outside diameter of 426mm, the longest up to 28 meters.
    4. Break the application limit, professional customization of a variety of high-end and harsh application scenarios seamless cone, to create excess value for customers.

  • Typical Featured Products

    Seamless conical tubes for industrial application

    Seamless conical tube is mainly used for fluid transportation and pipeline connection in industry. It can be designed according to the principles of recoil force, turbulence, turbulence and laminar flow, or combined with the double principles of recoil force and turbulence. It is mainly used in chemical, medical, electric, electronic, energy, shipbuilding, petrochemical, steel, transportation and other industries. For corrosive environment, high temperature, high pressure, extreme cold, large temperature difference and other extreme application environment, we can customize different special materials seamless conical tubes.


    Control (increase or slow down) the flow rate of liquid in the pipeline, improve explosion-proof safety performance, save cost, etc.

    Application scenarios
    Extruder, pressure vessel, fluid pipe, structural pipe, instrument, fire fighting tube, pipe and pipe fitting docking, etc.
    Shipbuilding:Conical tubes is a typical pipe fitting in ship system and a filter element between pipes of different diameters in ship piping system.
    Steel making:Seamless conical steel tube for oxygen lance in steelmaking furnace.
    Steel making:Converter conical oxygen gun.
    Energy:Oil and gas exploration, production and transmission pipe.
    Power:Conical boiler row for power plant, nuclear power plant lightning rod, high pressure boiler tube, etc.
    Trafic:Special seamless conical steel tube for EMU railway station
    Architecture: Conical steel tube columns in the station platform and airport exhibition hall

  • Typical material

    Alloy tool steel

    Cr12MoV, Cr12Mo1V, SKD11, SKD61, D2
    Usage:For anti-wear machinery.
    Product effect: Subversion of traditional production technology
    Size:146 x 12 x 122 x 840mm, etc.
    Advantage:The product can save 84% of the raw material, make the internal structure of the material more reasonable, improve the wear resistance, energy saving, environmental protection, efficient production process

  • Seamless conical tubes for Medical Devices

    The stainless steel seamless conical tubes used in medical instruments are mainly made of 316LVM, 316LS, S31673,  S31675, 00Cr18Ni14Mo3,X2CrNiMo18-15-3,W.Nr. 1.4441 produced by ultra-pure special smelting process.

    Our invented patented equipment and patented technology has broken the limitations of the traditional seamless conical tube production process. Our seamless cone tube has stable quality and superior performance, which has greatly improved the quality and technical indexes such as structure, density, anti-friction coefficient and mechanical properties compared with the products produced by traditional process.

    Characteristics and advantages

    Flexible universal adjustment, easy to operate, anti-clogging, small wound area, cost saving, concentrating light improves by about 55%, etc.
    Our flexible capillary seamless conical tube utilizes recoil (hydrodynamics) and turbulent siphon principles.
    Precision seamless conical tube is used in precision medical instruments to better control flow rate, improve accuracy and ensure quality.
    It is used in medical instruments, such as brain suction tube and laryngoscope, reducing the risk of surgery and medical cost, and improving the quality of products. This product has created a precedent from scratch, and its application in the medical device industry is the first.

    Bigger end OD: 3.0 ~ 28.0mm
    Smaller end OD: 1.5 ~ 25.0mm
    WT: 0.25 ~ 1.5mm
    Length: 100  ~ 6000mm

    Application scenarios
    It is mainly used in the accessories of minimally invasive surgical endoscopic instruments, such as brain surgery, chest surgery, ear, nose and throat surgery, uterine surgery, comminute fracture surgery and other medical instruments.

    Specific usage
    Brain suction tube
    Supporting laryngoscopy tube
    Laryngeal forceps conical tube
    Thoracic suction tube
    Abdominal suction tube
    Laryngeal suction tube
  • Seamless Conical Tubes for Special Purposes

    It refers to conical tubes used in various special scenarios, such as titanium alloy conical tubes, pure nickel conical tubes, seamless conical tubes for guns and missiles, etc.

    1. Nickel seamless conical tubes

    The pure nickel material has good corrosion resistance in NaOH solution of any concentration and temperature and in molten state of NaOH above 400℃. Pure nickel material has good corrosion resistance to Na2O2, Na2CO3, NaHCO3 and alkaline solution or molten liquid containing KNO3. It is widely used in chemical equipment such as pipeline, heat exchanger, evaporator, heater, reaction kettle, etc, various targets for coating,electrodes etc.

    2. Titanium and titanium alloy seamless conical tubes
    Titanium and titanium alloy materials have good corrosion resistance, low density, high specific strength characteristics, are widely used in aerospace, chemical equipment, seawater desalination, sporting goods, medicine, machinery manufacturing, daily necessities and military fields.

    3. Ultra long seamless conical tubes
    Material: various metal
    Bigger end OD:3.0 ~ 30mm
    Smaller end OD: 1.0 ~ 25mm
    WT: 0.25 ~ 3.0mm
    Length: 150 ~ 28000mm
    Ultra-long seamless cone is mainly used in pressure vessels and pipeline transportation, which can better control the flow rate (increase or decrease), improve the safety and explosion-proof performance, and save costs.

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