For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

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Precision Capillary Seamless Tube

  • Overview

    Capillary tube is a special, precise and high-quality round metal tube made by fine rolling and fine drawing. It usually refers to the tube under OD6.0mm. It is divided into capillary seamless tube and capillary welded and cold drawn tube. Generally speaking, compared with welding cold-drawn tube, capillary seamless tube has higher and stricter requirements on manufacturing conditions, process, detection, inspection, performance, shape and dimensional accuracy control, and is more suitable for high-end, precision and harsh conditions of the application.

    In the new era, with the progress of science and technology, and with the high-end equipment components and advanced precision instruments on the new nvironment and new conditions of a variety of new materials demand,so generally, various strict requirements and challenges are put forward for capillary tube, which are generally shown in the following aspects:

    1. With sufficient strength, i.e. high yield limit and strength limit, to ensure safety and economy.

    2. With good toughness to ensure that brittle failure does not occur when the external force is loaded.

    3. With good processing performance, including cold and hot processing forming and welding performance.

    4. With good micro structure and surface quality, do not allow cracks and flakes and other defects.

    5. With stable physical properties under various harsh environmental conditions, namely acid, alkali, salt, corrosion,high temperature and pressure resistance.

    6. Materials used for high temperature components should have good high temperature performance, including sufficient creep strength, durable strength and durable plasticity, good high temperature microstructure stability and high temperature oxidation resistance, etc.

  • Material

    Austenitic SS: S30400, S30403, S31600, S31603

    Ferritic SS: 00Cr12, 0Cr13Al (S40500), 10Cr15 (S42900), 1Cr17 (S43000)
    Duplex SS: S31803, S32205
    Super duplex SS: S32750, S32760
    Martensitic SS: 0Cr13 (S41008), 1Cr13 (S41000), 2Cr13 (S42010), 3Cr13 (S42030), 4Cr13 (S42040)
    Martensitic precipitation hardened SS: 630, 17-4PH, S17400
    Semi austenitic precipitation hardened SS: 631, 17-7PH, S17700, 632, PH15-7Mo, S15700
    Corrosion resistant alloys:NS111 (N08800), NS112 (N08810), NS142 (N08825), NS143 (N08020), NS312 (N06600), NS315 (N06690), NS334 (N10276), NS336 (N06625)
    Soft magnetic alloys: 1J18, 1J30, 1J36 (UNS K93600), 1J46 (UNS K94490, Alloy 1), 1J48 (UNS K94840, Alloy 2), 1J77 (UNS N14076, Alloy 3), 1J85 (UNS N14080, Alloy 4), 1J90
    Nickel based alloys: GH3030 (Ni80Cr20), GH3039, GH3536 (Hastelloy X), GH4090 (N07090), GH4141 (N07041, Rene 41), GH4145 (N07750), GH4169 (N07718)
    Elastic alloys: 3J09, 3J21, 3J22, 3J53, 3J60
    Fe based alloys: GH1015, GH1131, GH2132 (S66286)
    Expansion alloys: 4J29 (Kovar), 4J36 (Invar), 4J42, 4J58
    Copper alloys: Pure copper, Brass, White copper, Bronze
    Nitinol: Ni55Ti45
    NbZr alloys: NbZr1 (R04251), NbZr2 (RO4210-2)
    Nickel: Ni 200 (N02200, N6), Ni 201 (N02201, N5)
    Titanium: TA1 (Gr.1), TA2 (Gr.2) TA3
    Refractory metal: W, Re, Ta, Mo, Nb
    Titanium alloys: TA9 /TA9-1, TA10, TC4 (Gr.5)
    NbTi alloys: Nb47Ti53
    Hi purity metal: Co (3N5), Zr, R60702 (3N5), R60704, R60705, Hf (3N5), Hf+Zr > 99.95%, Zr < 1%
  • Features

    1. Small sizes

    Unlike standard cold-formed or hot-formed seamless tubes, capillary tubes have extremely small outer diameters and wall thicknesses over a very narrow range of sizes.

    2. Fine and precision

    Capillary tubes generally have higher straightness, roundness, concentricity and surface roughness, as well as lower inner and outer diameter deviation, wall thickness deviation, length deviation and tube end quality.

  • Size


    ◎ OD:0.08 ~ 6.0 mm
    ◎ WT:0.015 ~ 1.5 mm
    ◎ Length:≤12 mtrs

    ◎ Heat treatment:Annealing/BA/Solution treated, stress released, aging, QT.
    ◎ Material hardness:Cold hardened, half  hardened, 1/4 hardened, soft, etc.
    ◎ Surface condition:Pickled, passivated, bright, grinded, polished, cleaned, sanitary level, etc.

    ◎ Straight
    ◎ Coil
    ◎ On reel
    ◎ Fabrication:as per drawing or sample
  • Advantages

    1. Superfine sizes: OD can be 0.08mm.

    2. Ultra thin WT: it can be 0.015mm.
    3. Ultra-fine surface: it can reach Ra0.1um after polishing.
    4. Ultra precision tolerance: OD and WT tolerance can reach um level.
    5. Wide materical choices, stainless steel, Nickel alloys, copper alloys,Titanium alloys, refractory metal, rare metal, etc.
    6. Strong R&D capabilities: with professional and technical team with decades of rich experience, sophisticated and know-how production equipment, advanced testing and inspection facilities, we can research and develop new materials and new products for different applications which demand different properties, shapes and dimensional accuracy.
    7. Personalized customization: According to customer requirements, we can do cutting, laser cutting, laser welding, bending, coiling, grinding, polishing, cleaning, end forming, hydraulic forming, flaring, flanging, chamfering, deburring, grooving, thread rolling, perforation, caps, CNC machining, EDM drilling, and other processing.
  • Application

    Capillary tubes are usually made of metal materials resistant to acid, alkali, salt, corrosion, high temperature and various excellent properties, such as stainless steel, nickel or nickel alloys, titanium or titanium alloys, copper or copper alloys, precision alloys and other special metals or alloys. Capillary tubes are widely used in energy, electric power, chemical, electronics, chromatography, medical, pharmaceutical, aviation, aerospace, food and  other industries. They are usually used in high-end application scenarios with harsh environment, demanding performance and picky shape and size.

    Specific applications are usually shown as microelectronics, automatic instrument signal tube, automatic instrument wire protection tube, precision  optical lines, industrial sensors, electronic equipment line protection tube, electrical line safety protection, thermal instrument capillary tube protection and hollow high-voltage optical cable internal support, precision instruments and meters.

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