For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

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Bourdon Tube

  • Overview

    Bourdon tube is an elastic sensitive element that uses the bending change or torsional deformation of the tube to measure pressure, also known as the spring tube. One end of the Bourdon tube is fixed and the other end is movable. The section shape of the Bourdon tube is oval or flat. The pipe with non-circular section gradually expands into a circle under the action of internal pressure. At this time, the movable end produces a displacement which is related to the pressure. The active end drives the pointer to indicate the size of the pressure. The most commonly used Bourdon tube is C shaped, in addition to spiral type, type C combination, twist type and other types.

    Bourdon tube pressure gauges are used to measure gauge pressure in gaseous and liquid media ranging from 0.06 to 700MPa. It is a mechanical pressure measuring instrument that operates without power supply. C-shaped Bourdon tubes, molded to approximately 250°, can be used to measure pressures up to 10MPa. For higher pressures, multiple wound bourdon tubes of the same angular diameter (coil spring type), or vortex coil bourdon tubes of the same plane can be used.

    Bourdon tube sensing elements and internal moving parts are made of strong copper alloy or chemically resistant stainless steel.

  • Material

    TP304, TP316, TP316Ti

    Monel 400
    CuSn8, CuSn6, CuSn4

    Y40, Y50, Y60, Y70, Y100, Y150

    Measuring range
    Spiral tube: 10MPa ~ 200MPa
    C tube: 0.06Mpa ~ 10Mpa

  • Features

    1. From the cold rolled, cold drawn to bourdon tube manufacturing one-stop shop in our own factory, mature technoligies, high consistency.

    2. High precision, uniform size, strict tolerance control.

    3. Good surface condition, smooth, no carburizing and decarburizing.

    4. Strict control of source material quality, high purity.

    5. The physical property is stable and durable, good elasticity wich is less affected by temperature change.

    6. Excellent corrosion resistance.

    7. Good fatigue resistance.

    8. Excellent quality, can replace similar imported products.

    9. We are designated supporting supplier of BK and Wika.
  • Data Sheet of Manometer Rohrfeder Bourdon Tube

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