For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

Precision metal foil and strip,Precision seamless tube,Profiled seamless tube
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  • Material

    TP430, UNS S43000, 1.4016, X6Cr17, 1Cr17

  • Overview

    430 is a chromium ferritic stainless steel with moderate corrosion and heat resistance. It is non-hardenable by heat treatment. 430 is magnetic and exhibits good ductility. It can be readily formed into many desired shapes.

  • Characteristics

    430 is a low carbon ferritic stainless steel, its corrosion resistance in mild corrosive environment or atmosphere is similar to some Ni-containing stainless steel, and has oxidation resistance at high temperature. 430 is ductile, low work hardening rate, and can be formed by rolling or drawing processes.

  • Application

    Its typical applications include furnace combustion chambers, gas burners on heating units, downspouts etc. Industrial and commercial applications range from interior architectural applications to nitric acid plant equipment, oil refinery equipment, etc.

  • Chemical Composition (wt% as per ASTM A268)



















  • Corrosion Resistance

    430 resists corrosion from the atmosphere, fresh water and steam, foodstuffs, dairy products, nitric acid and many petroleum products and organic materials. Its resistance to chloride-stress-corrosion cracking at elevated temperatures is far superior to that of austenitictypes 304 and 316.

  • Mechanical Property

    Tensile Strength: 60 KSI min (415 MPa min)

    Yield Strength(0.2% Offset): 35 KSI min(240 MPa min)

    Elongation: 20% min

    Hardness: HRB90 (190HB) max.

  • Heat Treatment

    430 shall be annealed in the temperature range 1450-1550°F(788-843°C), cooled with the furnace at a rate of 50°F per hour to 1100°F(593°C), then air cooled. If thin material,the annealing temperature does not exceed 1450°F(788°C), air cooling can be used instead of on-furnace cooling.The annealing scale should be removed after each treatment. This can be done by pickling in 50% hydrochloric acid heated to 140/150ºF (60/65ºC). Wash and passivate.AnnealingTP430 does not produce a phase transition, but is used only to soften it sufficiently and to achieve maximum ductility. These materials produce an oxide film colour after annealing and must be removed for maximum corrosion resistance.

  • Available Process

    (1)Hot formed, annealed, descaled

    (2)Cold worked and bright annealed

  • Common Tests

    Chemical composition






    Micro structure



    Intergranular Corrosion

    Surface condition

    Shape and dimension

    Positive Material Identification

  • Product Forms


    Size range

    Capillary tube

    OD 0.08 ~ 6.0 mm

    WT 0.015 ~ 1.5 mm

    Thin wall & Ultra thin wall seamless tube

    OD6.0~80.0 mm

    WT 0.05~4.5 mm

    Micro ID and heavythick wall seamless tube

    OD3.0~50.0 mm


    Precision conic seamless tube

    Bigger end: OD3.0 - 426.0mm

    Smaller end: OD2.5 - 346.0mm

    WT: 0.15 - 40.0mm

    HP/UHP BA+ tube

    EP tube

    OD 1.0 ~ 76 mm

    WT 0.10 ~ 10.0 mm

    Small caliber precision seamless tube

    OD6.0 ~89mm

    WT 0.50 ~9.0 mm

    Profiled seamless tube

    Build to drawing

    Build to specification

    Bourdon tube

    Y40, Y50, Y60, Y70, Y100, Y150

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