For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for more than 30 years.

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Precision alloy

  • Overview

    Precision alloy is a functional metal material with special physical properties (such as magnetic, electrical, thermal and other properties) or some special chemistry, and is the main body of metal functional materials. Most of the precision alloys are based on ferrous metals and only a few are based on non-ferrous metals.

  • Classification

    Precision alloy usually includes magnetic alloy (soft magnetic alloy, deformation permanent magnet alloy), elastic alloy, expansion alloy, thermal bimetal, electrical alloy (precision resistance alloy, electric alloy, thermocouple material and electric contact material), hydrogen storage alloy, shape memory alloy, magnetostrictive alloy, stealth materials, etc.

    Soft magnetic alloy: It generally refers to ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic alloys with coercivity of less than a few hundred amps/m.

    Deformed permanent magnet alloy: Itgenerally refers to the coercivity of more than 10 ampere/m deformable ferromagnetic or ferromagnetic alloy.

    Elastic alloy: Alloy having specific elastic properties.

    Expansion alloy: Alloy having a specific linear thermal expansion coefficient.

    Thermobimetal: Composite material consisting of two or more layers of metal or alloy with different linear thermal expansion coefficients.

    Precisionelectricresistance alloy: It is aelectricresistance alloy with good stability and small absolute value of temperature coefficient and thermoelectric force against copper.

  • Characteristics

    1. It has wide coverage, complex microstructure, special function and excellent performance.

    2. Technology intensive.

    3. Many grades, many sizes, high dimensional precision.

    4. The quantity of single order is small, the production scale is relatively small.

    5. Rapid development, rapid replacement.

  • Application

    Precision alloy plays an important role in the feeling, conversion, transmission and storage of energy or information in electronic equipment and instruments. It is directly related to the accuracy, level, stability and life of electronic equipment,devices and instruments. It plays a very important role and position in modern national defense and modern industrial and agricultural production.

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