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High temperature alloy

  • Overview

    Superalloy is a kind of metal material with iron, nickel and cobalt as the base material, which can work for a long time at high temperature above 600℃ and under certain stress.

  • Performance Characteristics

    (1) High temperature strength

    (2) Good oxidation resistance and thermal corrosion resistance

    (3) Good fatigue performance, fracture toughness and plasticity

  • Structure Characteristics

    Superalloy is a single austenitic matrix structure, which has good stability and reliability at various temperatures.

  • Classification

    1 According to alloy matrix elements

    (1) Iron base (iron nickel base) superalloy

    (2) Nickel-based superalloy

    (3) Cobalt base superalloy

    (4) Chrome base superalloy

    2 According to alloy strengthening type

    (1) Solid solutionstrengthening alloy

    (2) Aging precipitationstrengthening alloy

  • Heat Treatment Types

    1 Final heat treatment:

    (1) Solution treatment,

    (2) Intermediate heat treatment (also known as low temperature solution or high temperature aging)

    (3) Aging treatment


    2 Process annealing heat treatment

    (1) Stress relief treatment

    (2) Recrystallization annealing

  • Main Applications

    High-temperature wear resistance and corrosion resistance of high-temperature alloy: the requirements are not high temperature strength, the composition of this kind of alloy is based on nickel, iron or cobalt, and contains 20% ~ 35% chromium, a large number of tungsten, molybdenum and other solid solution strengthening elements, and aluminum, titanium and otherγforming elements are required to contain very little or no.

    1 Aerospace engine

    (1) Aero-engine hot endparts

    (2)Hot endparts of aerospace engines (rocket engines)

    (3) Hot end parts of gas turbines

    2 Civil industrial field

    Since the 1970s, super alloys have been popularized and applied in civil industrial sectors (atomic energy, energy and power, transportation, petrochemical industry, metallurgical mines and glass building materials, etc.). Some of these super alloys mainly use the high temperature and high strength characteristics of super alloys, while the other part mainly uses the high temperature wear and corrosion resistance of super alloys.

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