The special applications for special environments and conditions come from the achievement of the special purpose, function and effect with special performances.

Who we are

With the mission of "Sharing China-Made with Global Customers", Allianz Steel Group has effectively promoted the development of the industry by continuously innovating business models and building product brands. It is a well-known comprehensive steel industry group in China, a world-leading developer of new materials and a comprehensive service provider of steel procurement. Group has cultivated six business sectors, including steel industry, advanced materials, advanced manufacturing, international freight, mining and cultural media.  By the end of 2020, the Group had total assets of over RMB 8 billion, annual income over RMB 4 billion and over 3,800 employees. Group has ten subsidiaries and overseas representative offices, five production bases and three research institutes, and is one of the top 100 private enterprises in China, a national technical innovation enterprise, a national key high-tech enterprise, a national green demonstration manufacturer, a national AAA-grade quality credit enterprise and a top 100 best employer.

What we do

◎Decades of experience      ◎Know-how technologies      ◎In-house process

  • Precision metal foil and strip,Precision seamless tube,Profiled seamless tube


  • Profiled seamless tube,Ultra thin wall seamless tube,HP/UHP bright tube


  • Profiled seamless tube,Ultra thin wall seamless tube,HP/UHP bright tube


  • Precision metal foil and strip,Precision conical seamless tube,Precision seamless tube


Why choose us

  • 1, 

    Special metal materials

    Special stainless steel, special alloys, refractory metals, Hi purity metals

  • 2, 

    Special ultra pure melting process


  • 3, 

    Special shapes

    Round, square, rectangle, flat oval, elliptical, build to drawings or samples

  • 4, 

    Special surface conditions (ID/OD surface roughness low as Ra0.1um)

    Electrolytic polishing, mechanical polishing, mechanical grinding, fluid polishing, abrasive fluid polishing, etc

  • 5, 

    Special ID and WT

    Ultra thin wall, Ultra heavy wall, Ultra small ID

  • 6, 

    Speical properties

    High temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, wear resistant, high pressure resistant, high strength, excellent biocompatibility, superconductivity

Enterprise culture

For precision capillary tube of metal materials, we have been working on it for decades.

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